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Discounted Mini Knit-Stitch Rolling Pin

$ 10.00
Why are they discounted? Glad you asked. Each blank rolling pin has its own personality.  Sometimes the dimensions are just enough out of specification to create a little more overlap/bunching on the first and last row of stitches during the manufacturing process. The rest of the stitches are fine and still great for cookies but a bit challenging for longer/larger baked goods. Get yours today and enjoy at half the price. Check out our video on YouTube.
This beech wood pin is slightly smaller than our other pins- 9.8" long and 1.4" in circumference. Laser engraved with the Vs that knitters know so well, this rolling pin will roll out an entire wardrobe of cookies in minutes. Each pin ships with our favorite recipe for embossed cookies.
Pair it with our sweater cookie cutters for wow factor! Available as a set here: Mini Knitted-Pattern Rolling Pin + Sweater Cookie Cutter Set.
Milled in the EU and laser engraved in our own studio right here in Virginia.

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