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Gingerbread People with Accessories

$ 12.00

This set was born of frustration. Last holiday season, Susan spent hours trying to create hats and mittens to fit our gingerbread people. The results were...well...a hot mess. 

So we figured why not have accessories designed to fit the gingerbread men and women, by people who actually know what they are dong?

Each set comes with 7 cutters-- one person, a bowtie/hair bow, left and right mittens, a skirt, a pair of pants and winter hat with a pom on the top.

For a super fun party, pre-make the cookies and plenty of accessories and turn your guests lose with the icing pens or piping bags. Or bake up a batch for your knitting group holiday get together. 

These cutters pair perfectly with our Mini Knit Patterned Rolling Pin.

Check out the video on our Youtube channel.

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